Recording Drift Studio has a solid collection of gear for a project studio, (check out the gear list below) but perhaps the most impressive aspect of this small studio is how un-small it is.  The recording room is 24 X 32 feet with a 12 foot ceiling height. The control room at 24’ X 14’ houses 3 computer systems, three racks of outboard gear, the mixing console (of course) and a drafting table for graphic design...and still has room for a band to relax and listen to their mixes. Here are some of the electronic and musical instruments that are all included in the hourly rate at Drift: Toft ATB16 console Tanoy nearfields Logic Audio Platinum recording system (Win) CME UF8 88 key MIDI controller AKG The Tube condenser mic (...and other mic’s by Beyer Dynamic, EV, Audio Technica, Sure and Sennheiser) Summit TLA 100A tube compressor Urei 1176 Limiter Drawmer Quad Gate John Hardy M-1 Pre-amp Presonus AD/DA converters Eventide Ultra Harmonizer Alesis Midiverb II Korg Digital Delay Leslie Rotary Speaker Mesa Boogie Simul-class combo Sonor Force 3000 5 piece maple kit Various guitars and a 4 string electric fretless Kubicki Recording in the peaceful atmosphere of farm and forest at the edge of McNab and Mississippi Mills counties, Drift offers a refuge away from whatever keeps you from concentrating on your audio endeavours.The fees start at $40 per hour but can be negotiated to suit the size and nature of your project. Contact James at or call 613-623-7459