Production Drift Studio, admittedly, is in no position to book a 50 piece orchestra for your next session or market 10,000 CD units to your hungry fans...but we still do provide an important service to those who haven’t quite hit the bigtime yet. Young bands who are trying to impress club owners or festival organizers in order to secure their next gig can get some help from Drift to produce a small number of CD’s with computer printed design work to render their goals that much more likely to be attained. Or perhaps the record company needs to see that you have a business sense and have al;ready taken steps to create your own fan base by spreading around CD’s or distributing audio files through the internet. Older artists that would like to archive some of their never-released work for friends, family or simply for posterity can be guided from pre-production right to the creation of  of a set of attractive CD’s. Or maybe you have an idea for a CD sale fundraiser for your organization...a CD of songs in the public domain just may do the trick. Then there’s the individual composer whos ideas need developing by being able to ‘hear’ them but the high end studios just charge too much for that kind of discovery activity...or the student who needs an audio entrance piece for continued education in the music or audio engineering realms. Whatever the need, Drift provides a low pressure environment for the less-than-celebrity to realize their artistic efforts . Contact James at or call 613-623-7459.